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Bakiriya bacu, dukurikije ingamba zatanzwe zo kwirinda Covid-19, serivisi zo gutanga icyemezo koranabuhanga zizajya zitangirwa online. Mukeneye serivisi mwatwandikira kuri cyangwa mukaduhamagara kuri 4046/+250788390212 tukabafasha.

What We Do

This page shows services that are offered by GovCA.


Register and Issue Digital Certificates to Citizens, Corporates and Servers
After identification of the subject, GovCA issues a digital certificate which contains a key pair, the identity of its owner and the digital signature of the GovCA.
Digital Certificate Management
The digital certificate is managed by its owner. The management includes changing the password, copying the digital certificate from one device to another, checking Certificate password, deleting the password, checking certificate identity etc...
Publishing Certificate Revocation List (CRLs)
GovCA must broadcast an updated list of all revoked certificates to all distribution points.
Real Time certificate verification through Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
GovCA is in charge of providing real time validation of digital certificates.
Time Stamp Service
GovCA verifies when e-transactions have been performed.

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